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     Andy has studied and played woodwinds for over 30 years (since 1989), with his primary instrument being saxophone. He has experience teaching and performing on saxophone, flute, and Chinese bamboo flute. He first began private saxophone study in 1995 with Scott Erickson of Murray State University and beginning in 1996 studied with Hunt Butler at Kentucky State University (also a woodwind instructor with the Jamey Aeborsold Summer Jazz Workshops). Andy graduated from Kentucky State University with a Bachelor of Music Education (primary instrument- saxophone, secondary instruments-flute and piano) in 2000. 
     He studied flute with Hunt Butler and continued private study on flute in 2002 with Helena Berggren.  His formal private study of Chinese bamboo flute began under Zhang Jiansheng at Yunnan Art Institute (Kunming, China) from 2002 - 2004. Andy has given private music lessons on various instruments (saxophone, flute, piano, snare drum, etc.). Andy graduated with a Master of Arts in Ethnomusicology from Bethel University (St. Paul, MN) in 2010. He most recently studied the hulusi with Lu Xiaochun in 2021.
     Andy now continues to share his passion for music through offering private saxophone lessons, occasionally writing songs, as a PhD student in World Arts (2020-present), and performances. He finds joy in teaching and providing value to his students.
Andy Flood, BME, MA-EM
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About Near And Far Sounds
Andy Flood's Credential: NC License in Music (All Grades), B.Mus.Ed., MA in Ethnomusicology, 30+ years woodwind-playing experience and five years of music study and research in China.

Conducting lessons in the Triangle area and online lessons, based in Chapel Hill, Near And Far Sounds came out of my experience over the years giving private music lessons in students' homes and experience as a band director.  I care about the quality of my students' playing habits and skills, and also about how they exercise creativity in a positive and motivating environment!

"I offer instruction in jazz, classical, and popular music. 并且,我已经二十年天天用中文; 二零零二年初我开始学了普通话(国语)."
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